Exact Rating will appear on unit’s metal ID Tag.

Janice M. Single Phase Wiring Diagram 11 Three Phase Wiring Diagram 12 Electrical 13 - 14 Thermostat Programming 13 Filter Operation 14 Backwashing 15 Final Filling 16.


Traditional vinyl covers aren’t as durable or energy-efficient as the Tuff cover.

Suggested size will ensure proper operation. Relay. It can corrode your electrical components in a hot tub, including the wiring, connectors, ground wires, or control panel.

Run the wires from the Heat Pump control panel through the wiring conduit located on the outer right hand side of the Heat Pump.

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Warning: People with infectious diseases should not use a spa or hot tub. .

Warning: To avoid injury, exercise care when entering or exiting the spa or hot tub.

Telemecanique wiring diagrams.

Relay. Jun 30, 2022 · Tuff Spas also features a removable, high-quality cover.

18. this manual.

Check the controller for any condensation that may be present between the overlay and the display.

Panel Options Tuff Spas offers six different panel options to fit your backyard enviroment.

Length of SealTite whip must be long enough to reach the Control Pack (See Spa Diagram for the location of the Control Pack).

2. Aug 21, 2021 · Refer to Wiring Diagram inside the cover of the control enclosure. .

If the spa is to be constructed in concrete, special provision should be made at this time for the installation of the Spa-Side remote Control. Means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules. . Propel (Model Prpe) 24. length of. Model No.

can be easily accessed throughout the spa by removing the side panels.

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The spa pump has an automatic high temperature shut off.

From the world of rationality we get into the world of senses where the cosseting atmosphere of the water.


Select a convenient location in the deck or above water level in the spa wall (where the Spa-Side remote will not be submerged by the spa water), and install a 6 in.