The packing nut is located behind the handle of the faucet.

Remove the spigot by firmly grasping both the spigot and the supplying pipe and twisting the spigot counterclockwise.

. Tighten the packing nut on the spigot with an adjustable wrench until snug.

Slide in the packing nut and attach the handle to the stem.

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. Open the outside faucet completely by turning the handle counterclockwise. Once the retaining nut is gone, remove the pipe stem and inspect the material for any cracks or deformities.

Stop your outdoor faucet from dripping water.

Mar 9, 2021 · First, start by tightening the retainer nut to see if that fixes the problem. Do this with the valve open with the hose attached. Remove the packing nut by turning it counterclockwise.

[6] Keep the “O” ring in case you need it to identify what size replacement ring you will need. .


Photo 1: Remove the freeze proof faucet retaining nut.

Locate the water shut-off valve. Standard flathead screwdriver; 3/8” Socket; 7/8″ Socket; Supplies.

Perhaps I may not be understanding you correctly, but there is no leak when water is off. Step 1: Check the Packing Nut.

After turning the valve off, still, some.


Sometimes, the issue can be in the faucet itself and you might have to replace it.

. Use pliers or a wrench, and tighten the packing nut next to the faucet's handle. Apr 10, 2005 · The repair kit I previously mentioned (630-7755) will have all the remaining replacement seals and parts such as the packing gland and packing nut for leaks around the handle and also bibb washer and screw and o-rings for leaks as you mentioned.

Tighten the packing nut just a bit, not too much or it will be hard when you turn it later. com%2fen-us%2fblog%2fhow-to%2foutdoor-faucet-repair%2f/RK=2/RS=3sPmREGtb4hEyynX1Ou5vHrF4u8-" referrerpolicy="origin" target="_blank">See full list on homeserve. It has "DEARBORN" imprinted on it. Frozen or damaged pipes are another possibility. The leak path during this test does not.


Once you feel it’s loose enough, hold the body of the faucet and slowly remove the head. .

[6] Keep the “O” ring in case you need it to identify what size replacement ring you will need.

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Remove the knob’s retaining screw or nut and pull off the knob.

Turn on the water using the cut-off key at the meter.

The “O” ring is a piece of rubber that sits under the headgear nut.